Thursday, 18 July 2013

Instant Edmodo How-to Book Review

I had heard a lot of people talk about Edmodo, and at IATEFL this year there were lots of speakers advocating its use as a learning platform. It interested me and looked pretty comprehensive, but I'd never actually tested it out. So when I got a copy of the Instant Edmodo How-to book to review I took it as an opportunity also to get my head around the site.

Instant Edmodo How-to [Instant]
My first impression, from looking through the contents list, was that I could probably get most of the information from just looking on the site, and assuming they'd designed it well, would be guided to the features I needed whilst using the site. To test this theory I decided to set up an account and see how far I could get. The truth was that I was able to do as much as I would need to start actually using the platform with learners without any difficulty at all, in about 30 minutes. I didn't do everything the book details, but it was more than enough to get started and be able to use the site. This was what I managed to do in that time:
  • Setting up teacher and student accounts
  • Setting up class groups and inviting students
  • Posting messages to students and on walls
  • Setting, receiving and grading assignments
  • Using quizzes
And then I had a proper look at the book! And I realised that there was lot of detail which had passed me by when exploring on my own. That's not to say a teacher wouldn't find it eventually, or when faced with a specific need, but the book definitely drew my attention to various features I didn't see at first. Some of the main benefits of the book were:
  • Clear stages to follow for setting up and using the different features
  • A How It Works... section giving detailed information about the features and some tips for effective and efficient use.
  • Screen shots to illustrate points
  • There's More.. sections giving information about additional features
Each section is labeled as Simple, Intermediate or Advanced, and to be honest I'd say that teachers with a basic technological understanding would find all of the features fairly straightforward, but maybe to make the platform accessible to those who are less tech aware, the level tags may help people to take it step by step.

If you're already a tech convert, I'm not sure there's a huge amount in this book that you couldn't get from working your way through the site yourself and googling any specific problems that came up. However, if as an organisation you're planning on encouraging teachers to use Edmodo, despite them feeling less than comfortable with the idea, then this book would be a great way to introduce them to the benefits of the platform and take them through all the stages necessary to use all of the features of this great site effectively.

To purchase the ebook direct from Packt Publishing, click here


  1. This is just what i was looking for...i'd been thinking about setting up a class blog in the new year and had heard lots of good things about Edmodo. Hadn't decided between Edmodo or Kidblog - any thoughts?

  2. I think that both of those platforms do quite different things. Edmodo is a learning management system, while Kidblog allows you to set up blogs with your students